What is bullying?

Bullying is difficult to define with a concrete definition because the act of bullying can be perceived differently by whoever is experiencing the event. An act of horseplay can be meant as a playful gesture but viewed as an act of aggression from an outside observer. Despite this ambiguity, the general definition of bullying includes three parts:

1) A form of aggression intended to offend, harm, or embarrass the victim

2) Occurs repeatedly overtime

3) There is a realized or perceived imbalance of power or status.

Types of Bullying

Direct Physical Bullying – This is what most people may imagine when the subject of bullying is discussed. This type of bullying involves hitting, kicking, pushing, or any other physical aggression directed at another person.

Direct Verbal Bullying – This type of bullying may not have a physical impact on the victim but can certainly have an emotional toll. Verbal bullying involves name-calling, verbal harassment, and/or threatening remarks.

Indirect Bullying – This is the act of causing emotional harm to someone else by spreading rumors or telling lies with the intent to hurt someone’s reputation, or intentionally excluding someone from a group.

Cyber Bullying – This type of bullying can be direct or indirect. Cyber bullying is the use electronic devices or websites to either harass and individual as described in direct verbal bullying or cause emotional and reputational harm as described in indirect bullying.

Teacher Resource Center

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Bullying Resource Center

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